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    Question Low Battery, No Reception?


    I was just trying to run down my battery, and at a certain point, the blackberry I have just turns off the antenna/radio so you can no longer make phone calls or send text messages. Has anyone else run into this? I then plugged my phone into the charger assuming my reception would come back, but no luck, I even turned off the phone and turned it back on and nothing. You have to wait until there is some charge on the phone before you can make a call? Any ideas or experiences with this are welcomed as always.

    On a side note, how do people first charge their battery with their blackberries, do you let it run all the way down until the blackberry turns off then charge it all the way back up? Or do you just plug it in whenever? Does it really matter anymore with these batteries nowadays?

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    Re: Low Battery, No Reception?

    Yes when it gets too low the antenna/radio gets turned off, to conserve what is left of the battery strength (I would assume). This happened to me once at school. Until you get an adequate charge then you can turn it on again, I believe over 10% (not sure). Just hit the wireless on icon. I never let my battery run all the way down except for that one time. By the end of the day Im at 20% battery life and I just put it on the charger over night.
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