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    Looking for an app... Need some help... Please..


    Hi All,

    A while ago I found a program for blackberrys that allowed me to make music on my phone. It was almost like FL Studio/Cakewalk/Garageband/Acid it had multiple tracks and had a million samples you could toss into a sequencer. It also, from what I gathered, wasn't a ringtone maker. As I recall the name had a variation of the word blaze in it but I could be wrong. Please tell me someone knows what it is haha, it would be so cool to have it again. It was a freebie app and I'm 100% sure it exists as I know I had it and remember downloading it on January 17th. It would be possible, I have verizon, but to find it if there was some way I could look at the history from that long ago. (I lost it in an OS restore so it would have to be Verizon's history or something like that)

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    Sounds cool
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    The only app I know of like that was 'vibe' it was a composer with some samples and multiple tracks to edit. It was free. Do a search here for it, I remember posting about it several months ago.
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