I searched PS and all I found were threads on BES and using redirector. So... here I am. :-P

I have an 8830 on BIS. I set up a couple filters on the BIS for my gmail account. One to not send my sent message back to my BB, that worked great. The other one was to make email from important people level 1 messages, there is an option there, If "from" contains <email> checked the make message level 1. I have PIN msgs set to level 1, that works, PIN messages come in as level 1.

However, I had the person I set the filter for send me an email and it still comes in as the normal account alert. I do have the alerts for level 1 and this account set differently in profiles. I do have a custom ringtone for this person as well, it's set to use "active profile" and custom ringtone.

Does anyone know if the custom ringtone thing is overriding this or have any idea why I can't get this to work? If I left something out of this you need to know to help, let me know, tried to give all the info I could think of. Oh, I did resend service books as well.