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i use BES connected 7290. I need to know what is level 1 messages. whow ... General Blackberry forum

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    level 1 message


    i use BES connected 7290. I need to know what is level 1 messages. whow do i setup special unique notification on mail from one one special

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    Re: level 1 message

    You can use the desktop manager redirector filters to flag certain messages level 1 and then use the notifications profiles on the handheld to do something different for those messages.

    For example I have several high priority people that I have filtered in desktop manager as level 1 and My handheld gives me an audible new message instead of the normal vibrate, So I can take care of these requests right away.

    Level 1 Messages also comes in handy if you have 2 email accounts coming to the same blackberry. E.g. all business emails come in "level 1", while Gmail (personal) email comes in as "normal".

    Blackberry PIN messages are also level 1.

    To set up Level 1 Messages go to filters: Blackberry Enterprise Server

    or for the webclient email click 'Filters' and follow the online instructions.

    Hope that helps.

    Also read this
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