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I remember being astonished when I realized, on my SE M600i, that the keyboard worked ... General Blackberry forum

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    Keyboard Logic


    I remember being astonished when I realized, on my SE M600i, that the keyboard worked so well despite its cramped rocker-switch style layout.

    The logic behind the input coding was simple. While a key is depressed, adjacent key input is ignored.

    E.g. If I put my fat thumb on "A" and press it down, but "S" accidentally depresses as well, the M600i would ignore the input of "S" as long as "A" was depressed.

    It made input so much more of a breeze than it is on the Curve I currently have. It wasn't such a problem with my Pearl, but that has keys that are relatively wide.

    Please, RIM, pop this input logic into your next firmware upgrade! I really do miss it!
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    Re: Keyboard Logic

    I always have a hard time typing on my 8703, but I really dont like the suretype anymore. I agree this feature would be great on the BB, no more hitting two buttons, thats someting to look forward to.

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    Re: Keyboard Logic

    ~via BB ( I like the numbers on the blacjack by samsung. The positions were in the center and spaced one key apart. If you hit the key next to the number it would still dial the number next to it. I like this 'cause I gots fat fingers, lol.

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