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1 Why not use volume buttons on homescreen as shortcuts. Of course, when nothing is ... General Blackberry forum

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    kdob's weekly bb expert q's - #1


    1 Why not use volume buttons on homescreen as shortcuts. Of course, when nothing is playing or you are not on a call. I enjoyed being able to cycle through profiles on my old lg using the volume buttons when it was closed, very useful. Two convenience buttons are never enough to a crackberry addict like myself. Plus! Biz users seldom use the media player, the volume buttons could be to quickly compose an email from two different accounts. 2 What is easiest way to colour the 'white ring' around the trackball. (Paints?) Not dye the ball, but the pearls housing that is visible just inside the chrome ring. 3 Why has RIM not brung the colorpearl back on the pearl flip? I know the phone was designed to compete with the razr, and the pearl flip is a hit with girls. The extra cost of the multi-color led's would easily offset the advertising possibilities and resulting sales from the coolness of the ball. Every girl that has a BB and saw my 8100's pearl with a million colorpossibilities instantly wondered where the heck that feature went. I mean what can I say? The purpleized ball with BerryFlow and the default macpurple background looked 'hot' haha. Anyways, I will stay active on responses and would like to see everyone's feedback and comments! Stay posted for next weeks questions
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    You can get programs that will allow you to assign either a menu or multipule taps to the convience keys for shortcuts. QuickLaunch (menu) shortcutberry (keys/conv keys).
    As for the ring, dunno. I know you can buy black rings, haven't seen any other colors.
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