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is there anyway i can use my computer as a "headset" for my bb?... General Blackberry forum

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    just a thought...


    is there anyway i can use my computer as a "headset" for my bb?

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    Re: just a thought...

    That would be interesting, though I'm guessing you can't. You could possibly make it work if you could fake the BlackBerry into thinking your bluetooth computer was a headset; but even then I think it might just find the computer as a place to sync; instead of voice.

    If I take my laptop and my desktop, link them up via bluetooth, I can't use the desktop sound card from the laptop; so I dunno.
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    Re: just a thought...

    well fyi it is possible through mac os x's address book. they dont really advertise this feature but you can send and recieve text messages and voice calls! ...only problem is it requires DUN :/

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