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Originally Posted by reddog187 ~via BB ( No there is not a "crack". You do ... General Blackberry forum

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    Thumbs down they deserve to get paid?????????


    Quote Originally Posted by reddog187 View Post
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    No there is not a "crack". You do have to pay. It's worth the $30 for a user license. You will have the application for as long as you have a BB.

    The developers worked very hard on the application and they deserved to get paid.
    look they may have worked on the app but so did a lot of us here...
    I personally spent twenty billable hours working with the developers and sending error logs ect.. and was promised to receive a copy of the completed jive talk for my time and head aches .. well the beta closed out and a few licenses were indeed given out but most of us did not recieve any thing for our time and trouble.. on another note I spent several months working with a developer on a couple of apps and as a reward i get every piece of ware they produce now and in the future. this is the way it shoud be..I mean over a year latter I get new free not just betas but full versions and the ota link to it for support reasons.
    and to date i have given the link to several people that changed devices with out charge.. that's how developers should do things... As far as jive talk goes I would not give the greedy bastards a dime for any products they offer as they out right lie to get people to try their wares then charge them full price even after saying" yea we will give one copy of the finished product to people that participate in the testing and development".
    my opinion would have been different had they at least left the beta testers a usable copy not some bull sh!t trial that expired as soon as the greedy f***s finished testing and started charging..
    our time is valuable as well. so boy cot the app and the developer.
    in conclusion I would not take a free copy from them now as there are alternatives to jt
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    How would you crack somethin tied to your pin? Just curios. Wouldn't you have to send a request to their server, then they generate it for you, then you get it?

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