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    Jivetalk/AIM question


    So I recently had my browser disabled on my 8700g to save a few bucks, but I was still able to use jivetalk for a few months. For some reason now, I wasnt able to connect to jivetalk, and I was told that I needed to enable my browser again. SO in the midst of me trying furiously to sign on and failing, I think my screen name somehow got stuck online. it shows that I'm signed on somewhere, although I'm not, and if i try and go away on jivetalk, it just switches to the screen name signed on somewhere. Any ideas on how to get my screen name unstuck?/sign it off???

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    Re: Jivetalk/AIM question

    ~via BB ( understand that there are good reasons for being signed on in multiple locations. I'm an overprotective overzealous parent who keeps AIM on both on my child's computer and on JiveTalk on my Blackberry. This way I can see, in real-time, what everyone is sending. I'd rather know what's going on right now as opposed to reviewing IM logs after an abduction. My child likes it because if we are on the road IM with buddies can continue as though we were at home.

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