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My browser repetedly tells me that I need java script enabled To load some web ... General Blackberry forum

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    java script


    My browser repetedly tells me that I need java script enabled To load some web pages. Is there an app or addin that will stop this from happening to me and other times the device says please try another page This baisicly renders this device as useless as a regular phone when it comes to browsing the web tho operamini works a little better it still leaves me wondering why pay for a black berry other than the push service and the real key board any help would be appreciated Phil pin#400906d9

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    Re: java script

    Well, lets start by enabling java script. Open your Browser, click the trackwheel and choose options. Choose General Properties, and at the bottom you will see enable javascript. Make sure it is checked. Then, just to be sure, press the back button and go into browser configuration, make sure all boxes are checked and from there you can optimize your browsing experience.

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    Re: java script

    ~via BB (

    But still don't expect full unbridled internet surfing. There are some things that the BB browser just does not support.

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