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I have installed Opera Mini which seems to work way faster than the “stock” browser. ... General Blackberry forum

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    Issues with Opera Mini


    I have installed Opera Mini which seems to work way faster than the “stock” browser. Waiting on Firefox to finish Fennec, which will be a blast. Anyway, in the interim I have a few things to ask about Opera that maybe the users here have experience with. I went to the opera knowledge base and could not find the answers.
    The left side courtesy button doesn’t work. I can select alt+esc and it works but I find the one hand convenience of the button very handy… Seems the button is controlled by Opera but I wonder if there is a way to make it work.
    Can a shortcut be created in order to launch Opera in a similar fashion as launching the default browser? I press b for the default browser. I would like to press a combination of keys to launch Opera.
    Is there a way to make opera the default browser? That way links from a message will be opened there instead of having to cut and paste…

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    No way to make Opera the default browser. You may be able to make a side key launch it. Also if you want the same function as when you have "dial from home screen" off I'll have to find the link of the thread that has this app in it.
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    i use bolt as a side browser and i enjoy it but wish this native browser could be better improved! i used to use opera mini but when i downloaded the 5.0 for os5 the track sensitivity was to annoying . i had to delete opera mini and keep bolt as the side option .
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