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    International Roaming - Settings to be edited?


    Hi All,

    I am based outside of the US using a 8300 Curve, BIS to access my work emails which are hosted on YAHOO Servers. I signed up for International Roaming Services with my home provider.

    When I am in my home network, I get instant push email accross 4 different accounts.

    Last week, I was in Paris for business. I switched on my Berry and immediatly began receiving emails. The next morning, I was getting nothing. I logged into my email via PC and saw there were plenty of new emails which had not been pushed. I re-sent the service books and did a Host Routing Table > Register. Still no luck. I tried switching to different Providers - still no ball, very sporadic emails.....I deleted the account, still no fluidity.

    My partner, who also has the 8300 Curve was randomly getting emails thoughout the day, sometimes not at all. If the emails were pushed on rotation from the Provider, then surely we should have gotten the emails at the same time - especially as some of the emails were CC's?

    I realise there was an OUTAGE last week, but whilst everyone else was back online, I was still not getting my emails on a timely basis, days after the OUTAGE had been fixed.

    I was wondering for INTERNATIONAL USAGE, are there certain settings that need to be changed from country to country? Anyone with International Roaming Experiences could you post them up for us to read?

    N.B My provider uses EDGE....IN Paris, I was logged onto a GPRS.

    My job involves a lot of travel and I cannot bare the thought of having to go through this nonsense each and everytime.
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