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Translated from german to english: General Blackberry forum

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    India wants to read your BlackBerry-mails


    Translated from german to english:


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    If people knew what the US government has access to (phone calls, messages, SMS, etc), they would probably quit using a lot of these services.

    The only communications medium that's semi-private is face to face, and I'm not even sure about that anymore.

    As a rule, I never transmit or say anything I'd be ashamed for others to know about. Let's just keep that between you, me, everyone reading this post, and the thousands of government agents scanning communications world wide!

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    For a country so knee deep in IT india sure is stupid about some things. ~via BB (

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    Right. The USA is monitoring a lot of stuff... India is just following suit. Remember when India asked Google to take some images off its maps because it was sensitive information about their army bases? Well there was a big write up about it, but later on the US asked Google to do the same... Did that get a lot of press? I'll give you three guesses.

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    All I've got to say anyone who thinks Western Governments don't already monitor or have the ability to monitor ALL telecommunications is a fool...

    The Western World has the ability to do this (ESPECIALLY in North America), it's just not talked about as much - personally I suspect the American public's notoriously firm stance on the right to freedom-of-speech and invasion-of-privacy has a lot to do with this sort of stuff being kept secret.

    You guys also have your constitution which protects you from some stuff, at least "officially" anyway...

    But, just be something doesn't happen "officially" doesn't mean it doesn't happen, they just don't tell anyone about it!

    ~via BB (

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    How did this get started? If some agent somewhere want to read my love letters or family emails, let him! I hope its entertaining enough!

    ~via BB (

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    well india is concerned about the terrorist activity. they are just going about it the correct way and informing the public thats what they are doing. the USA on the otherhand will make a new law *cough* *cough* patriot act and say they thought everyone is the states could be a terrorist and monitor you without your consent :O

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