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Upgrades (streaming video, wifi, >mem, G3, alarm) are nice, but the most important thing is ... General Blackberry forum

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    Improving the UI


    Upgrades (streaming video, wifi, >mem, G3, alarm) are nice, but the most important thing is polishing the user interface. Unless full advantage is taken of the keyboard (and the more open architecture), BlackBerries will not survive. Here's a 'short' list:

    * with Language = English (US): the field ZIP/postal code should be numeric. Phone numbers should be formatted (reversable, as with Autotext) as +1 (999) 999-9999 (note blanks for better readability). Independent of the Language, holding the 0/space key should give +()-- (depending on position, in that sequence) and spaces when entered next to a character.
    * turn spaces into periods in the 'to:' field when composing email.
    * holding a symbol key should repeat the symbol, as it does with the space key: ----...
    * translate the letter 'p' into 'pause' when importing phone numbers.
    * sort by first name if this option is set, rather than by title. Allow the title to be put last.
    * allow the ALT key as an alternative to the. shift key for making selections. (or a replacement, see next suggestion). It's much easier for right handed people.
    * allow capitalizing existing letters by placing the cursor over them and then holding the shift key. Allow capitalization of words or sentences to be toggled by holding the shift key, unless the pearl is used to extend the selection after, say, a second. Replacing the shift by the ALT key for making selections avoids this ambiguity.
    * make the quotation mark (rather the comma)the default for ALT-L after a space or at the end of a word starting with a quotation mark.
    * allow the light of the pearl to be turned off.
    * allow the volume keys to be used to adjust screen brightness while the phone is off.
    * turn dot-dot-space into colon-space and dot-comma-space into semicolon-space
    * allow dots, comma etc in autotext (then one could do the former oneself)
    * move 'switch open application' from ALT-ESC to ALT-END and use ALT-ESC for 'undo' (I know, this is a big one!)

    Any other suggestions?

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    Re: Improving the UI


    I learned a lot about the keyboard after reading your post. I would agree with most of what you are saying.

    But, it appears that the UI is changing. If you look at the Research in Motion website, the actual screen shots of the 8800 are with a different user interface than what 4.2 allows. The message screen is different. The theme is different. The calendar layout is different. The phone application looks different...

    Some interesting comments to say the least. ~via BB (

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    Re: Improving the UI

    ~via BB (
    I didn't analyze the entire post but there's a good reason why the postal code is not numeric. In Canada, the country is which RIM is located, postal codes are a combination of letters and numbers.

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    Re: Improving the UI

    ~via BB (
    Right Bart, but a simple selection in initial setup would allow you to choose country, and enable numeric postal, if you were to select US.

    Where I vehemently disagree is if this isn't done, the blackberry will not survive. There has been nothing released that can successfully attack the RIM corporate/government users. Might pick a few off here and there, but no serious threat. We'll see, but I'm not holding my breath waiting for someone to release one that does.

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