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Ok, I got my 8310 Curve 2 months ago. I still like it and probably ... General Blackberry forum

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    I'm Sorry Blackberry....but why?


    Ok, I got my 8310 Curve 2 months ago. I still like it and probably always will.

    Yesterday was upgrade day and I took the plunge and got an iphone, 16gb white to be exact. I downloaded itunes before making my decision as I was torn between a Bold and an iPhone, well I first searched for the apps I had on my blackberry and to be honest I WAS FLOORED! One of my fave apps is Pageonce....3.99 a month (unless you do a one time payment through handmark for 30.00) on the Blackberry...on the iPhone, it is FREE. Then I looked for Slacker, was relieved it was the same. I bought Price is Right (game) for 10.00 (BB)and at the app store it's 4.99. I bought Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (game) for 10.00 (BB) and at the app store for 4.99. Scrabble 10.00 (BB) and 4.99 app store. There are a few others as well.

    Can someone tell me why there is such a price difference???

    I am sure by this time tomorrow I will be going through Blackberry withdraw....but for the price difference on so many things, I think I can cope!!!

    RIP Blackberry I loved you for a little while

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    I think they charge more cause bb are business focused. Hopefully that will change with the storm.
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    I have noticed this also, and are upset by it, but, I am waaaaay to addicted to my berry to switch to an iphone, so paying the extra is worth it for me, but I would like to see this change or at least have an explanation to it.

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    I would imagine as well that the appstore might push alot more traffic as well, and have a side deal with these program makers in which they can offer their products at a lower price due to deals... Such as the app stores says ill sell 10 times the amount at a cheaper price.. Also i hear iphone programming is easier than BB.

    Its like buying and selling in bulk...

    But if you think of it in gas station terms, its kind of backwards , because if your on a main road or in expensive areas, you charge more for your gas.. But if your not you charge less so people on the main road will actually get off the main road to get cheaper gas.

    Either way, offer something cheaper to gain more sales.. I wonder if these programers get perks for letting the appstore sell things cheaper
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