Okay. So I am sad that I can't find the perfect theme. I have searched for hours. Literally. I have learned a lot though . And I have seen a ton of great themes but they aren't exactly what I want. If someone could make me one they could be my bff. Ha. So what I am looking for is :
A today or today plus theme.

Cute colors not ugly ones maybe bright ones or really..deep ones.

A kind of small font.

I have had a sex and the city theme and loved it. But again. Not a today theme. Same with a rad Bob marley one by cherri chiodo. Right now I am using a really pretty really cool twilight one. I like it a lot but again.. Ha ha. I wish it was TODAY! I really just like being able to see my calender and messages. I don't know why.

Any help at all would be appreciated!
Much love,
-Makenzie <3.