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My apologies if this is the wrong forum. Posting on behalf of my friend. I ... General Blackberry forum

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    I think I killed my BB but need to get everything from it


    My apologies if this is the wrong forum.

    Posting on behalf of my friend.

    I have a blackberry 8700c and I recentrly tried to install a iphone based theme OTA. My phone never got through the download/install process. Its stuck on the "thinking" screen. Where the little bar goes back and forth.

    Its been this way for a couple days now. I hard started it several times with nothing.

    I think its dead.

    Is there ANY way that I can reset it? or at least get all the contacts and other info from it to put on a new BB?

    Any info here will be much appreciated.

    Thank you very much.

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    ~via BB ( you done a battery pull. And if you have try using dm to back up your phone. Hopfully it will work.

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    If it just at a thinking status...there is a good chance DTM won't be able to connect to it to backup the data. You could probably get the software reloaded on the device by doing an application load with the battery out of the device but you would not be able to save any data currently on it.

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    What mark said tahts most likly the case, but i would give it maybe a few ours to see if it gets past the hour glass screen, you can try to do a back up with battery out then in, but i doubt it will work. The device should be okay as far as i see it. Go to download section and wonload jlm_commander or something like that, its a funky name. This will delete the whole device and you can load a fresh new os on it. KEep in mind though, this will destroy all your data! Best of luck to you with the backup!
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