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    Call blocking


    in more way than one... but is there any way that i can block a specific person (number) from calling or texting my bb 8310 curve? I know for a fact that they have the same phone as I do, and the same carrier (AT&T) if that helps at all...

    is there a program or setting that i can install or use to stop someone from doing either or both? (calling/texting)

    I have contacted AT&T numerous times about trying to block a person from calling/texting me, as changing my number would be nearly impossible for business and other reasons. They really haven't been able to help me with anything but a number change.

    does anyone have any ideas?
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    Black&Whitelist is an excellent program to block certain numbers from calling. As for texting, probably the only thing you can do is have AT&T block texts on your line.

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    To block all incoming texts or pins you can go to options»security options»firewall and set it to block what you want, not sure how to do it for a specific #, ill see if I can figure it out

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    With respect to calls - take a look at

    AWESOME alternative to reg voicemail and you get set personal greetings per caller or groups or even block someone

    Worked wonders in dealing with my stalker.

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