Hi guys,

I am an IT consultant intern at a firm and I need to do a report on BlackBerrys because one of our clients has a blackberry server (with microsoft exchange) and we need to compare how they have theirs setup compared to best BlackBerry practices. The internet is terrible for trying to find the information I am looking for, BlackBerry.com was pointless cause it just told me to contact customer support, customer support was pointless because they said I need to be a customer and wouldn't release any information to me. So I decided to try forums a shot and this is where it brought me. So anyone that can help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

Here is a list of things I need to know:

1.) Common / best practiced BlackBerry server configurations

2.) BlackBerry Standards (my boss isn't too clear, so if there isnt standards dont worry)

3.) Default Usernames / Passwords

4.) BlackBerry device security (cause its a Security Audit we are performing before our pen test)

Thanks Guys