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I dont get how some devices can be kept in secret like the storm. about ... General Blackberry forum

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    I dont get it...


    I dont get how some devices can be kept in secret like the storm. about The bold, kickstart and javeling everybody knew for so long and about other blackberry's too. But how did RIM manage to keep the storm in secret and no pre-realeased units on ebay?? its just confiusing me for some reason
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    It is something to consider, its almost like the, after this year long wait with the Bold, it turned out that the Bold was the Calm before the Storm. I bet Mr. Jobs didn't see that one comin! The only move for him next is to Double the memory on the next Gen Iphone and have it out for Crhistmas, cause once that Storm makes Landfall, the Iphone will be swept Away!

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    Yes, there is a Storm coming!! Theres a great BB commercial out where a guy sees a storm on a table face down and picks it up and goes-WOW! But you dont get a shot of the screen, only his reaction. good job tweaking the public's curiosity RIM.

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    the storm is one of a kind blackberry.....i can consider getting it.....but i am looking forward to the 8900......i love the form factor......

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    And there are remours floating around about the 2nd generation storm and they are saying that RIM have already started work on the 3rd gen model.
    Think ill wait and see what happens.

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