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Nope! If it wasn't for Pinstack, I would have been using my 7105t now! I ... General Blackberry forum

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    I bricked my Curve yesterday....Did I panic??


    Nope! If it wasn't for Pinstack, I would have been using my 7105t now!

    I would just like to say that appreciation isn't given enough to Hayden, Cherri, all the mods and experts that keep this site running. Every BB related issue I've had, I've found the answer to and resolved just by searching The Stacks. Thanks to you all.

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    i bricked my pearl a while back and decided to go to verizon to get a replacement since it was still under warranty. they played with it for 15 min...then called someone on the phone and messed with it another 15 min,then said they would have to order me a new one. they said i would get it in 2 not wanting to go without my bb for 2 days went back home and fixed it myself by using stuff i had learned on here.
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    Same here, bricked my GF's white pearl, but browsed through the 'Stacks and found my solution!!!

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    Yeah... No need to panic anymore. ~via BB (

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    Ive bricked several 83xx's. But with the help of some really fine folks here-RoGro, CMangum, Lunkhead, I was able EVERYTIME to get them up and running again-kudos Pinstack nation!!!!

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    I love the fact that there are people that are willing to maintain enough of a physical and online life to keep saving a lot of us money and headaches by filling is in on how to keep these sexy little machines running at top form! Thanks to everyone that chipped in when I bricked my 8110 day before yesterday! Thanks to you and your quick action you saved me a new phone AND a new livingroom window!!!~via BB (

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