1. Power the Blackberry off.
2. Take a Q-tip and dip the tip in rubbing alcohol. Blot on a paper towel to absorb excess moisture.
3. Swab the trackball with the Q-tip, rolling and depressing the ball in the process.


1. Power the Blackberry off.
2. Pry the retaining ring off with a fingernail, using equal pressure all around to insure that the three
prongs that hold it in place are not damaged. Drop assembly into palm.
3. Spray the assembly with Windex, then depress and roll the ball around in every direction.
4. Using a fingernail, flex the end of each roller away from the assembly a couple of times.
5. Allow to dry for 20 minutes.
6. Position hangers to left and right, then drop assembly back into aperture.
7. Align three prongs and gently depress retaining ring back into place.


1. Power off your Berry.
2. Lightly pry the retaining ring off as described above.
3. Drop old trackball into palm. Toss or retain as backup.
4. Prepare a Q-tip with rubbing alcohol as described above.
5. Swab the inside of the aperture, including the copper square in the middle.
6. Allow to dry thoroughly.
7. Drop the new assembly into the handheld, as described above.
8. Position the retaining ring with prongs at 3, 6, and 9 o'clock as described above, and gently press
into place.

It's good to keep a backup. Here are some sources:
Atomic Trackball, $9.99 Taiwan:
Standard, $12.99 incl ship from Albuquerque, NM: