I have recently switched from an 8800 to a Bold (running .210) on China Mobile using the switch device part of Desktop Manager (4.6) which activated the Bold, but yesterday I was given a new SIM card by China Mobile as I was having issues with "Call Failed" notices about 80% of the time I was trying to make calls. I also received a "Radio Path Unavailable" message a few times as well. China Mobile removed and then re-added BES to my account (they don't have BIS in China) and my phone started a wireless activation but hung on transferring contacts and emails. I plugged my phone into my computer to try a wired activation but nothing happens and I can't figure out how to force desktop manager to activate. I tried wiping my device using the wipe command as well as using JLCMDR but the phone doesn't activate when I plug it into my computer.

How do I get desktop manager to stop thinking that my phone is activated and re-activate it? Even after uninstalling and reinstalling Desktop Manager it still has my pin listed next to Active Device before I connect my phone for the first time.

On a slightly different topic, could China Mobile's lack of service books for the Bold cause "Radio Path Unavailable" messages as well as a large number of "Call Failed" messages? I had no issues before using the 8800.