1. Start by sliding your finger nail underneath the outside edge of the silver ring that is around the pearl.
2. Gently lift up on any part of the silver ring, you should notice that it will lift up.
3. Once you have it lifted on oneside slide you finger nail over to either side and pull up some more, and the ring should come off.
4. Then just turn the device upside down and tap on the back of the device, with your other hand cupped overing the front of the device and the pearl should drop out.
5. Next, cut a small piece of black tape and cover the little white-iss rectangle in the lower right. (Its best to do it while the phone is on so therefore you can make sure that you cover the light completely).
*And if you were wondering why black tape and not just coloring over it, its just in case you ever have to send in your phone for service, you can remove the tape and they will never know that you messed with it.