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I have a BB7520 with a boost sim card in it and I am new ... General Blackberry forum

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    How to get the most out of Boost


    I have a BB7520 with a boost sim card in it and I am new to BB altogether. I have searched the forum and found bits and pieces of info on boost ability. Is there a link for a guide to what you can and can't do with a BB and a Boost sim? If there isn't, is it possible to have a Boost specific catagory on this forum?
    I'm sure I have all the usual questions like
    How do I:
    1. get internet?
    2. check email?
    3. use gps?
    4. chat with ppl on msn, yahoo, aim, etc.
    5. can i set up my own bes at home with all of my geek know how?
    6. same as above but bis?
    7. what's the best way to access files on computers on my home network?
    8. what the heck is sms and can I do it?
    9. whatever else I missed?

    Does anyone have a link to a guide that answers most of this stuff handy? Thanks for any feedback in advance.

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    Re: How to get the most out of Boost

    1. You will need a BlackBerry Data Plan. I don't think Boost offers this.
    2. See number 1.
    4. You will need to download Yahoo from the RIM website. JiveTalk will cover MSN and AIM. It's free for 30 days but after that you will need to pay for it. Use your BB Browser and go to You can also email their support from a PC and ask them for the new version of JiveTalk that includes MySpace IM if you use this.
    8. SMS is text messaging. You can do this.

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    Re: How to get the most out of Boost

    Jivetalk covers nearly all im's including yahoo. Just switch to att or tmo- this way you are guaranteed the service you need.

    ~via BB (

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