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    How to get more from your Blackberry browser.


    How to get more out of your blackberry browser!
    I found with the help of my friend Bill16, that you can get much more out of your Blackberry browser. I can now use the browser buttons,check my profile,see all the functions in my user control panel, see avatars and mini profiles of other members next to their posts, and more I can’t even think of!
    To do this, you need to change just a few settings in your browser configuration in the Browser options. Also you likely need to be on some site or another, not on your home page.
    It does seem to make a big difference(at least it did for me) though I’m not sure why it works that way.
    Anyway once your in your browser configurations you need to change certain settings. I have my curve set this way and you might fiddle with your Blackberry to find a way that works better for your needs.
    I checked all the boxes except java support and use background images. Also I changed my emulation mode to Microsoft IE! That is the most important change right there.
    Changing the emulation mode is what gives you so much more access. Though at least some of the other stuff will will be needed to give you the best effect. You can click all the boxes if you wish and still have it work. But that will be upto you.
    I do recommend that you leave your blackberry set to column view in your General Properties , or you may find your berry slowed way way down.
    I truely hope this info helps all of you as much as it’s helped me, to get a much fuller forum experence no matter what site you prefer!

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    I use this on occasion, but find that the sites do load slower than mobile versions and things just don't display right, but there are times when it comes in handy. Most of the time using BlackBerry emulation mode is cleaner and faster. But that's why they included various emulation modes, to suit different tastes and needs
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