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1.Download the DVD to iPhone software, install and run it. 2. Insert the DVD you'd ... General Blackberry forum

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    Thumbs up How to convert DVD to iPhone (Windows)


    1.Download the DVD to iPhone software, install and run it.

    2. Insert the DVD you'd like to convert to your computer's DVD drive.
    3. Click 'File' menu and 'Open DVD', or directly hit 'Open DVD' button to load the DVD. Set the profile to be iPhone 480*320 mpeg-4 video which is the default DVD video quality.

    4. Click around in the DVD's menu to set up DVD playback as you like, select the subtitle and audio sound tracks etc, then begin to play the movie through the software by click the play button.
    5. If want to set more functiones, click ‘More options’, then it pops up like following. That is all.

    If you'd like to record from certain time point, or want to change some parameters like 'output format', 'video bitrates', 'frame rate', 'audio bitrates', please click 'No' button to close the window.
    When everything setted as your need, then click ‘Record it’ button. Done, just so easy!

    DVD to iPhone

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    Brother, I think you got the wrong forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yikimedia View Post
    If want to set more functiones
    Wrong phone
    Wrong place
    Take it elsewhere

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    So that's what they use to convert crappy movies for their crappy phone.

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    you know i was going to be the first post and say something but wasnt sure if it would have been appropriate.

    now that it has been confirmed...

    what were you thinking posting an iPhone "How To" in a BB forum?

    BlackBerry Rocks!<-Check it out!

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