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    Question How to Control BB from PC???


    Hello all,

    I am trying to find a PC application that allows me to control my BlackBerry directly on the destop via USB connection.

    Why would I even want or need this? I work on my PC primarily, but also work from my BlackBerry and contantly checking my BlackBerry and replying from there has gotten distracting.

    Im looking for an app that I can completely control my BlackBerry apps from. I want to send emails, SMS, and PIN by typing from my PC but it sends from my BB.

    I've done Google searches, searched the Stacks and I've found some products that are similar but not necessarily spot on. Most are rediculously expensive.

    • MobiMouse: Not what I need AT ALL, actually the opposite. This makes your BB a mouse, keyboard and remote for your PC.
    • LogMeIn: This is nearly exactly what I want, but a license for this is $1,765 a year. It enables a technician states away from you to control your BB, type, open apps, anything really. On the BB you download the OTA app to enable the gateway.

      (COSTS $99 a year, Blackberry is thetheres to USB drive which controls operation of the BlackBerry)
    • BlackBerry Master Control, isn't what I want or need. Has some cool features that I wouldn't know how to use, but for me its a glorified Screenshot Capture tool.
    • I found some murmurings of a BlackBerry Viewer 2.1 but I could never find a valid download link, and I am not even sure if this is what I need. This just sounds like a projector app.
    Anybody heard of anything like what I am looking for that is less than $50 dollars? The cheaper the better, obviously.


    EDIT: The below link is what I want but for BlackBerry...and see, the price is not rediculous! However they dont support RIM

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    There are plenty of RDP client to go from phone to Blackberry but not the other way that I know of. That Liberty device looks to be the best solution fon now. If you need it that bad fork out the money
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