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    Smile How to set up a Blackberry as a GPRS Modem on Windows Vista


    Verify that the Blackberry Desktop Manager is installed and shows connected.

    Once the Blackberry Desktop Manager is showing connected:

    Go to start
    Go to control panel and switch to classic view (the option is located in the upper left section)
    Go to phone and modems
    Click on the modems section (if it asks for location information put in only the area code and click OK then click on Modems tab
    Click on the standard modem and go to properties (lower right).
    In the General tab click on change settings
    Click the advanced tab.
    Type in the init string: at+cgdcont=1,"IP",""
    NOTE: for Blackberry 8220 and 8900 the init is: at+cgdcont=1,”IP”,””

    Click on ok.
    Close out of phone and modems.

    Go back to the control panel.
    Go to network and sharing center.
    On the left hand side tab select set up a connection or network.
    On the next screen choose setup a dial up connection then press next
    Select standard modem
    Enter *99# for the phone number
    Leave the username and password blank
    Type in T-mobile for the connection name.
    Click connect.
    If it Connects skip to step 9 and choose Home as the location.

    If it fails choose set up connection anyway
    Go back to the network and sharing center
    Click on manage network connections (toward the bottom on the side panel on the left).
    Find the T-mobile dial up connection
    Right Click on the connection and choose Properties
    1. In the General tab choose Configure
    2. Uncheck all the Hardware features. (there are three)
    3. Click Ok
    4. Click on Options tab
    5. Click the PPP settings button
    6. Uncheck all the boxes.
    7. Click Ok
    8. Click Ok
    9. Right click on the connection and choose Create a Shortcut.
    10. Windows will say ‘Can not make a shortcut here do you want it on your desktop?’
    11. Click Yes
    12. Close the windows and open the Browser.
    13. If it asks you for a location Choose HOME.
    14. If you do not choose home Vista will firewall the connection on every level and you will probably not be able to connect unless you make a new dun.
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    Good information, thanks.

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