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Hi I hope someone can help cause i'm getting chased from the powers above to ... General Blackberry forum

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    How do i set up BIS to send mail as a different domain.



    I hope someone can help cause i'm getting chased from the powers above to get this fixed.

    This is the scenario.

    Mail send to the users company domain was being forwarded to their address.

    It then arrived in their mail folder on the blackberry.

    Somehow it copied itself into another mail folder under the title "Company Email Address". So he never went into the o2email account on the blackberry as it moved it over to his company email address folder.

    When he replies to mail in the company folder, the recipient would get mail from the company domain. So somewhere it has been authenticated to send mail on belfalf of the company domain.

    Problem now is that mail does not move to the company folder and if i try and send mail from the company folder, it never arrives.

    Do i have to re-pair something or log onto an o2 account and re-jig things?



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    Can you explain in more detail how they were getting the mail and replying as a different email?

    Why don't you just set up their company email on the BIS service and not do any forwarding, that way it goes straight to their bb...

    Or better yet get a BES

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    Welcome to Pinstack. As chatster posted, a few more details will be a big help. Lets see if I understand.
    You are forwarding mail to the O2 account from the company account.
    The O2 account is set up on the blackberry device. This account previously worked but has stopped receiving email.
    Now, where does this "company email address" folder reside? On the blackberry or on his desktop? Is this really the name of the folder or is it ""?

    I would suggest that you check the email settings on the O2 BIS site. It sounds as if the user has set up his company email address on the BIS (and would not need the forwarded email as such). If so, it would be normal for this account to send emails From: user@companyemail

    In order to address the emails not working on the device, I would start by resending the service books. If that does not solve the issue remove the accounts from the BIS page and then set them up again.

    Hope this helps. Post back if you need more direction.
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