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*EDIT* This didn't come out quite as well as I wanted since I can't post ... General Blackberry forum

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    How to fix your BB in 6 easy steps (maybe)


    *EDIT* This didn't come out quite as well as I wanted since I can't post any links until I'm a Stack Level 2. I had collected about 5 URL's with links to different posts describing backup, etc.

    I'm a new user here at the forums but I've been around blackberrys for about 2 years. I wanted to contribute something to the forums so I wrote this up. I'll probably cross post this elsewhere but I'll do my best to keep it updated.

    DISCLAIMER: it is possible that any or all of these steps will cause more harm than good. I don’t really personally understand how anything short of yanking your battery out in the middle of wiping your device would really screw anything up too badly. If you’re unsure you probably shouldn’t proceed or at the very least backup your blackberry – information on backing up your device can be found by searching the forums for "blackberry backup

    My basic instructions for fixing your blackberry (software related issues only)

    (Probably in the order in which you should try them)

    Basic things to check before proceeding: Your phone is powered on and the radio is on, your PIN is correct in the BIS site, you have blackberry coverage where you are, you don’t have any filters set up in BIS to filter out incoming mail

    1. Power cycle your phone (turn it off, wait a few seconds, turn it back on)

    2. Soft reset your phone, aka pull the battery (with the phone on remove your battery, wait a few seconds, and then re-insert it.) If the phone doesn’t come back on automatically power it back on

    3. Resend your service books. Login to your BIS site (if you don’t know how or where you can try the post else where on these forums search for "Links to Carrier BIS Login Pages") The way to re-send service books on Cingular is to login and select “service books” on the left hand side, then click the “Send Service Books” button. This is a big one – it’s probably basic to most experienced users but I remember wasting several hours one night when I had somehow broken my blackberry and Cingular tech support was closed (either that or it was Sunday… when they’re not open either!)

    4. Re-register your Blackberry on the network – to do this go to Options > Host Routing Table > click the menu button > "Register Now"

    5. Try a combination of a soft reset – followed by a resend of the service books and then a re-register.

    6. This has always worked for me when nothing else has. Perform a complete wipe of your hand held and then resend the service books. Performing this step will erase everything on your blackberry (though apparently not applications which surprised me) – regardless every contact, note, calendar entry etc will be lost and you will have to restore from a backup. That said go to Options > Security Options > General Settings > click the Menu key > select Wipe Keyboard > click Continue > type the word blackberry

    I’ve only had to do this all the way through (including step 6) twice. Once was after I xbm’d my 8700 and the new one would not receive mail at all. The second was yesterday after I got my new 8800. I had logged into my BIS account and updated my PIN and all of my queued up email came in but after that I got nothing. I spent about an hour on the phone with Cingular – the first time they essentially passed the buck after trying steps 1 – 5 and resending the service books about 10 times and then they told me to call back in 20 minutes. The second call we tried 1 – 5 and the rep was about ready to send me a new phone until I told her that I had no problems performing a master reset since I had all of my data backed up.

    I’m sure that those who are more knowledgeable about things will want to add / change / remove items from this and I’m hoping we can create something that can evolve and will be useful to everyone. Basically my aim here is to fix the issue of either 1) emailing not coming in 2) WAP not working
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    Re: How to fix your BB in 6 easy steps (maybe)

    Pretty good standard BB troubleshooting guidelines. The only nit I'd pick is that a battery pull is a hard reset. Alt-Shift-Del is a soft reset (doing this twice is the same as a battery pull -- generally).

    Hard resets aren't the same on the BB as they are on Palm and other platforms where the hard reset wipes the device. On a BB a device wipe and hard reset are two separate things.

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    Re: How to fix your BB in 6 easy steps (maybe)

    Good reference, thanks.

    ~via BB (

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    Re: How to fix your BB in 6 easy steps (maybe)

    i likie.... great information...
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    Re: How to fix your BB in 6 easy steps (maybe)

    Thanks neils, great post

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