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i have the bbcurve 8320 and it comes with 64mb of space. I really dont have nothing installed except for myspace(deleted in handigo) it lags like my xp home edition computer. all I do is use the net,yahoo messenger, myspace, and get 80 emails from craigslist a day and text message.

how can you tell how much space you have left?? im use to seeing MB instead of Bytes.

File free:11723133.

Divide by 1,000,000 or move the decimal place over 6 spots to get MB (1000 would get you Kb).

11,723,133.0 bytes
11.724133 Mb
or 11,724 Kb

Technically, divided by 1024 would get you 'true' kb, but seriously, that's not going to make much difference for your purposes.