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I have a bb 8320. Let's say I have an AVI file on my PC ... General Blackberry forum

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    Question How do I transfer media files on 8320?


    I have a bb 8320. Let's say I have an AVI file on my PC I want to watch on my blackberry.. how would I go about transfering the file? I don't see the option. Should I buy a media card first? I tried emailing it to myself but the file is to big to clip to an email. Someone help!!!

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    I would definetly buy the media card! Otherwise you'll bogg down your berry' and you'll end up not liking the results much.

    To transfer files from your PC to your phone you need to install the blackberry desktop manager and use the media manager function of that. It will automatically convert files into formats that your berry knows how to read.

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    ~via BB ( is easier to make sure you turn mass media storage on. When insert the media card it will ask if you want to turn it on. Then the BB will show as a drive on your PC. Just drag and drop the file to the BB drive. Simple and easy. Dontr even need the media mgr.

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    I would advise you to compress it because the avi file can be quite large, like in the 6-700mb range. Use a converter program and shrink it to a small size for your screen.
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