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My wife calls it my Nerd Device, but I wanted a BB to stay in ... General Blackberry forum

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    How did you decide on a Blackberry


    My wife calls it my Nerd Device, but I wanted a BB to stay in touch with work while I was traveling and not have to get another PDA and carry a phone. So I bought one on my own mostly for business.

    As an added bonus I was able to stay in communication with my wife too. Well, as I got more and more into using the device for personal and business I really started getting "addicted" to everything it could do. More and more software is available for making the blackberry do almost anything you want.

    As they say, the rest is history.

    It's interesting to see how many people have bought them on their own and not just got one as a hand-out from work.

    What's your story?

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    I got mine from work, but if I ever leave my current employer getting my own bb will be one of the first to do items :P

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    got all the 3 i've been through via work. But i'd pay for one.

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    bought all of mine on my own that i could work more efficiently.
    has saved my @ss so many times it's paid for itself a million times!
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    I bought mine for business(Music Company), so that while we were touring, I could stay in touch with my people via email. I used to carry a Cell phone and a 2 way pager. THis was the best way to have the best of both worlds. Although, the Nextel BB is the biggest of them all, I still have the direct connect(PTT) feature to stay in contact with band members. I have now convinced my entire band to get them. And now with BB Instant Messenger, the possibilities are endless. I'm waiting for Yahoo messenger in this type of format.

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    Got my BB on my own. It was on a trade with my boyfriend since he wanted the i860 I was using at the time. I told him I wanted the BB so he let me have it when he got a nextel contract.
    Have been very happy with it ever since.
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    mine was givin thru trade also, friend of mine wanted my sk 2 and I wanted his BB (I think I won in the end). plus my company (indirect for wireless) provides us with a demo plan for Nexteln so how could I say no.


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    I bought mines on my own.. everysince nextel dropped the 6510 , i have had one.. im currently using the 7520 color joint.. i send aaalotttt of emails while im on the go for business and pleasure.. only a few of my partners have blackberries.. either that or the treo..
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    When i meet my boyfriend and he had one and i knew that my next phone would be a blackberry
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    I decided to get one on my own since I am a cell phone junkie. I must say that the BB devies I've had have all be great. I also got my gf into having them. She loves her 7290 and can't wait to upgrade to the 8700c. The only thing I don't like is the price of service (esp. on cingular) but lucky for me, I can write it off for taxes.

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    I got mine because I needed a new phone and was so fed up with Nextel customer service that I switched over to cingular. I had been visiting family in Chicago where my step-mom lives. She uses an old B&W BB for work as an attorney. She let me play around with it. I got hooked. I knew that I would get a BB for my next phone. I have not looked back since. It has been the best phone/pda/gadget/tech purchase that I have made.
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    Yeah, I received my first 957 blackberry from work.

    I was able to work on our BES server, and support all our crackberry users. I've been working with these device for over four years now.

    Since then, I've gotten my hands on many different models. 957 (1st device), 6200 series, 6700 series, 7520, 7100t, 7100g, 7230, 7280, and 7290 (our most current device). I'm hoping our vendor will give us a GREAT deal on the new 8700. But its wishful thinking, we won't be upgrading our devices any time soon. LOL
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    I got mine because I needed a new phone and was so fed up with T-mobile(Danger)customer service for the sidekick. So I needed a phone that would get me my emails fast. I was looking at the treo600 but it didnt cut it for me. Since my change i'm hooked to the BB.

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    Re: How did you decide on a Blackberry

    Got it on my own, had a SE T610 and it was pretty jacked up after being tourtured for a year. I actualy used WAP websites alot on that thing and emailed back and forth since it had built in pop3/smtp support.

    Was debating between a nokia communicator; the 9200 was the one I could afford at the time, but it turned out that it only goes online via csd... so that got droped pretty quick and the other choice being some type of Blackberry.

    Ended up getting the 7100 since it was cheap. The same price as the 7230 I think it was; but the 7230 at the time wasn't able to be used as a modem. Seeing that I wanted to theather alot at the time, wen't with the 7100. Turns out the 7100 has almost replaced my laptop, and i'm looking at the bluetooth virtual keyboard now as an addon.

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    Re: How did you decide on a Blackberry

    I wanted an all in one device that was not a sidekick or a treo[i'm just not a fan!].Palm devices just weren't cutting it anymore so i decided to give BB a shot. I wished i'd done it sooner!

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