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    Hot Swapping:


    I sincerely apologize if this topic has been covered, but I did several searches and found no answers. It is late, so forgive me if I missed the answer thread.

    Heres my question.

    I have an 8700c on a BES, and a RAZR. I've heard of being able to swap sims for convenience. Say I dont want to carry the 8700c on the weekend, can I simply remove the SIM from the 8700 and place in the Razr? I know I wont have email on the razr, but I dont typically get emails on the weekends on the berry.

    And if so, what about the emails that did arrive while the sim was in the razr? Will they be lost forever or will they pop up as soon as I replace the sim in the berry.

    Or is this just a dumb thing to attempt?

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    Re: Hot Swapping:

    I have removed my sim and put it into another phone and as soon as I put the sim back in the BB, days later, the emails popped up. But other times they didnt.

    Try and then let us know how it goes.

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    Re: Hot Swapping:

    ~via BB ( usually when you take your sim out and put into a non blackberry device you won't get any emails. But once you put the sim back inside the blackberry all your emails that you have missed will show up on your device

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    Re: Hot Swapping:

    ~via BB ( with me most of the time when I take my sim out and put it in another phone and then put it back 12 hours later all the emails of the day comes into the blackberry

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    Re: Hot Swapping:

    ~via BB ( option is to set call forwarding to forward "all calls" from you RAZR to your Blackberry. That way you don't have to carry 2 phones, only the Blackberry. Of course this assumes you have unlimited mobile to mobile minutes or enough minutes to not go over your monthly total.

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