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It is human nature to believe that we are better than we actually are. That ... General Blackberry forum

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    It is human nature to believe that we are better than we actually are. That is what make us great, but it is also what makes us dangerous. Many people get behind the wheel of a car drunk. Why... Just ask them..... They'll say " I can drive with my eyes closed", or " I know these roads like the back of my hand". There's very little difference in being impaired from alchohol/drugs and blatently looking away from the road to stare at your phone to type a text. If you're the only one on the road and the only one in the car, I say text away, yak away, but if not, it's no longer just you're life you're putting in danger, so watch the road. Put down the paper, the phone, the mp3 player, and pay attention. Who knows, it might be someone you love driving the car you hit while you're not looking.
    Sorry about the novel... I tryed to keep my 2cents worth to my self... I just couldn't.
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    They have that law in Quebec.. Soon will be implemented in Ontario. Most BB users already have a BT headset already. I usually have my Blackberry on my lap (not visible for anyone outside of the car -- This is not my intention, but it works out like that). I rarely use the data features on BB when I'm driving, unless it's utterly important.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brettxw View Post
    And to clarify. If you were doing 85mph then you technically would not get a reckless driving charge. Its anything over 86. And there is also a law in CT that Rell has signed that Police, firefighters, EMTs, etc can use their cellphone while driving if it is for work use and emergency use only. Stupid I think. Being a cop we have more things to do in a car while driving then any person talking on a cellphone. We're listening to the radio, talking on the radio, hitting buttons for the sirens and lights (all while driving). I think that is a lot more dangerous then someone talking on their cellphone while driving.
    i live in cromwell just north of middletown, the accident was in tuesday or wensdays courant , and i used the 85 mph as an a estimate i was going faster than that ,not quite 90 . that is still twenty over the posted limit , and as you know thats slow for connecticuts highways. my curent truck seems to have a governor that limits my speed to around 80 85 , and i feel like i am sitting in the road at times ,and and it just blows my mind to have people at well over a hundred mph every day its dry ,screeming down interstate 91, at least most people slow down in the rain and snow . We have nice roads here and you can drive at a hundred with out even knowing it is some cars, and i cant believe the fact tens of thousands of drivers get away with it every day in this state . and if you mail in the fine when caught, you dont even get any points , so if your rich you can drive you car as fast as you want as often as you want . i used to be one of the fast lane drivers but that was many years ago when i had an audi and the most i got was a trooper asking me to keep it down thru harford where it drops to 50 mph i was doing like 72 .( got to love a state where twenty over is not a big deal, in the south that would get me arested beaten and my car impounded) I understand public safety persons using the phone for emrgency calls and such,livery drivers and others that require to be on the phone as the work on the road . but you cant tell me avery time a tropper is on his phone it related to his job. it just burns my hide when i get cut off and the person driving is on the phone and acts like i am in their way... at least once a month i have to talk my self out of running them in to a gaurd rail pulling them from their car /truck and tuning them up.

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