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I just came across a interesting article at Today E-TEN announced that its new ... General Blackberry forum

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    Hopefully not too distant future Dual sim card BB?


    I just came across a interesting article at

    Today E-TEN announced that its new Glofiish DX900 dual-SIM smartphone has won the "Best Choice" award at the 2008 Computex show in Taiwan. The new DX900 is what E-TEN claims to be the first dual-SIM Windows Mobile handset to support both HSDPA 3G data as well as EDGE. The DX900 supports dual-standby, meaning that both SIM cards in the phone are active at the same time and that calls can be received on either of them at any given moment, without the need for the user to switch active SIMs.

    It would be nice if RIM would make a dual sim BB. That would be awesome.

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    That WOULD be great! A BB with dual SIM capabilities with auto switching! It's bound to happen sooner or later...I hope. Then (out of country) travelers would be all set - a SIM for their home carrier and a SIM for their travel choice.
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    Yeah i had a friend that had a phone like that cant remember what phone but he was an exchange student and the phone was awesome

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    PM me...
    I have a dual sim adapter from Magicsim and Simore. I got them off eBay for less than ~$10 shipped each. Yes they do require card cutting but it is fairly easy. The Simore is by FAR the best and I would highly recommend it. I have the Gold X1. It has all kinds of features that I do not even want to get into, but let me tell you it works as advertised on their website. It has some time autoswitching functions that can be set to any time frame and duration. So until that dual sim BB becomes available, this is the best solution I have found! These are rather pricey from Simore direct, but as I said, hit up eBay..You should be able to find one. And both the Simore and the Magicsim I purchased came from over seas and took a little over a week to get.

    NO this is not a plug for any company, however I honestly just highly recommend their products. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will help the best I can. Obviously in order to use say a TMO sim and a Cingular you BB would have to be unlocked..

    EDIT: Yes, I realize both sim cards are not active at the same time, however with the autoswitching call if you have it set down to say switch every 5 minutes and stay on each one for 5 minutes, you wont ever miss a call by more than around 10 minutes becuase it takes a minute roughly to switch from one sim to the other.
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