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if you do a home pc system restore? do you also loose your backed up ... General Blackberry forum

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    Question home pc system restore


    if you do a home pc system restore? do you also loose your backed up bb files in your bb desktop manger as well? thanks!

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    yes if you do a system restore on your PC it will remove any third party software. do a backup to cd or usb mem stick

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    Do you mean by Windows System Restore or use the OEM CD's.

    If you use System Resore form within in windows you should be fine, it only goes back to the date that you select. I would still back files up as a precaution.

    If you use the OEM CD's you loose everything, Back up everything you need.

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    i would like to clarify a bit of info ! you CAN use the oem disk and redo an os just dont format the disk. if you format the drive all data will become lost . if a restore point is used the data contained will be dependant on the apps and such that were on the device at the time the restore point was created. this said, use the most recent point possible to avoid having to reinstall apps.
    hope this helps.
    further more if you have a virus and it is in any or all restore point then you have to format the disk or the nasties will still remain in the device.

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