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    Hiding Read Messages


    Is there any way to have new messages automatically hidden from the messages screen after opening? Currently I must manually file each one to get it to dissappear from the screen after reading it. I swear it used to do this automatically, i.e after reading and closing them, then during the next reconciliation they would disappear into the filed folders. I've gone round-and-round with the RIM support staff with no sucess. They've never given a definitive answer exactly what is the proper behavior for messages after thier read. I realize that you can group mark them and sweep file them, but that lands them all into the same folder, not a pretty thing.

    Anyway if anyone knows how the BES is suppoed to work in this regard or is successfully automatically filing them please post a reply.

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    Re: Hiding Read Messages

    pjonte, Welcome to PinStack.

    Do you have rules set up for filing? I don't know about BES so can't really help here. I do have filing rules set up on BIS, but Still have to file the messages manually but the proper folder is selected when I select FILE or use the "I" shortcut for filing.

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    Re: Hiding Read Messages

    ~via BB (

    I didn't think that the BlackBerry did anything with the message aside from marking it as opened. ??

    If you want messages from your BES acted upon once they have been opened, you will need to make rules for that in Outlook. And I will assume that if you have your Exchange account set to file all opened messages to some folder X, then whether the message is opened by Outlook or BlackBerry should not matter. As long as you've got wireless reconcile enabled.

    But this is only conjecture; I'm on Exchange BES, but I've never done what I've just suggested.

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