Can someone explain the best way to accomplish this? I have an old 7290 that id like to use overseas but it currenlty has no service and boots up to read sim card rejected. What options do I have? What are the most cost effiecient? Can I do this for free? t-mobile told me they couldnt help me because I am not a customer.

Ideally Id like to unlock it and take it overseas, buy a sim card, and slip it in and be able to make phone calls. Is this how this works. I plan to use it in Russia. I checked and its quad-band, but dont really now the specifics of Russian cell networks.

Ive seen tons of websites offering unlock codes, but Id rather not take a chance with some company ive ever heard of. I'm not even sure how they do it. Did someone just crack the algorithm and now everyone is attempting to profit off it? Regardless, I could use some advice. Is it possible to do this by friday? Thanks.