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HI, I was searching through the net for how to put an OTA link on ... General Blackberry forum

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    Question Help with OTA link on website


    HI, I was searching through the net for how to put an OTA link on my website and came across this thread I didn't know whether or not I was allowed to revive old topics since it was from about 2 years ago so i thought i would ask the question again. I'm not very technological and I only focus on designs so I was trying to put an OTA link on my website, but the person coding my site has no idea how BBs work and told me that you can't post several links into just 1 link. So, can anyone help me with the actual code? maybe the steps or something? on how to post the OTA link. I'm also not sure which files are supposed to go on there (someone said something about .jar but idk how to get that either). When I click export on the Theme maker it gives me around 5 different links. Help :/

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    Welcome to the Stacks, BBparadise! Hopefully somebody here can point you in the right direction.

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