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This is for uk users who have a phone on the orange network. Whenever I ... General Blackberry forum

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    help for orange users who get 'unable to connect to orangewap' using wi-fi


    This is for uk users who have a phone on the orange network. Whenever I tried using wi-fi instead of gprs I found I could connect to wireless networks but whenever I tried to view a webpage I got the message (unable to connect to orangewap and something about APN) the useless people at orange don't really understand blackberries and the first person I spoke to said I had to spend more money and the second told me (this is hilarious) I must be trying to access the web with gprs to get that error message and I should contact blackberry. I pointed out that perhaps the fact that the error message involved 'orangewap' it may be something to do with them. Anyway... here is how I resolved it cause I have seen a few people with similar problems. I must add you try this at your own risk

    goto > options > advanced options > service book

    and delete the top item.... this removes orange world from your applications and lets you surf without having to connect to orange world wap services. Hope this helps

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