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Hi, I am trying to configure my blackberry, so that when it gets emails it ... General Blackberry forum

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    Help on email configuration



    I am trying to configure my blackberry, so that when it gets emails it does not make any sound or vibration (thats what I have as the default now), however when I get an email from a certain person or with a certain subject it will make a noise.
    How do I make my blackberry 8800 (which is not running enterprise, it is running BIS) recogonze that I got an email from a specific person and alert me.

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    You cannot set alerts based on receiving mail from a specific person. You can change the profile alerts though to any sound by going under your Profiles, Advanced, Edit and select the profile you want to change.
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    You should be able to go into your BIS and set a filter. You could make that contact level one and set a different notification for level 1 messages in your bb profiles
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