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Hi everyone... I'm hoping someone out there might be able to help me! I got ... General Blackberry forum

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    Help needed - can't connect to Computer


    Hi everyone... I'm hoping someone out there might be able to help me! I got my nice new shiny BBPearl today at 2pm - very excited. It's now 9.15pm and I still can't get the thing to even connect to my PC even though I've tried reloading the Desktop three times.
    1, Have loaded programme from CD that came in the box. Followed the instructions to the letter. When I connected the phone via the USB, the PC recognised new hardware and said it was looking for a driver. However, "Unsafe Removal Of Device" kept flashing up on the screen every two second. Trying to work under that, the Desktop software didn't recognise the device at all.

    2. Though this could be a software conflict, so uninstalled the lot, and re-installed directly from the BB website. Exact same thing happened, but this time an added extra of "Unsafe Removal of Device" resulted in the Pearl closing down, and then when it restarted having a "app error 523" notice on the screen.

    3. Not to be beaten, I reset the device, again uninstalled the programme, and then reloaded, but this time for the Vodafone UK site. Same thing happened again.

    I've been at this now for several hours, and although I'm sure I'm doing everything right, can someone point me in the right direction - as I'm about to send my very shiny BB back to Vodafone very broken! I've been a Palm user for years with a lovely little Nokia phone, but thought it was about time to put the two together... beginning to think I might have made a bit of a mistake.

    Thanks to anyone that can help - please don't let me lose my BBPearl....

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    Re: Help needed - can't connect to Computer

    Have u tried backing up the device, wiping it and reinstalling the DEVICE software? From what I am seeing you only updated the DESKTOP software. Error 523 means there is no software on the BB itself.

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    Re: Help needed - can't connect to Computer

    What operating system in on your PC?

    If you are running Windows Vista, you need to go to the RIM site and download and install Desktop Manager 4.2.

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