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Hey everyone, I am a complete newbie with Blackberries and have encountered a nasty problem ... General Blackberry forum

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    Help...Corrupt Software Driver


    Hey everyone,

    I am a complete newbie with Blackberries and have encountered a nasty problem with my Blackberry 7730. The software driver on the device is corrupted and ,as a result, the computer does not recognize the connection when I try to connect the device using a USB cable. I spoke to RIM technicians regarding this and they could not offer a solution. They said that I would need to reinstall the driver but that is not possible since I would need to connect the device to a computer to do so. Any suggestions?


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    Re: Help...Corrupt Software Driver

    try this:

    Eliminate the handheld as the source of the problem.

    Confirm the USB cable is properly connected to both the handheld and personal computer.
    Place the handheld in a working cradle on a different computer. If the handheld does not work, the problem might be the handheld.
    If you have BlackBerry Desktop Manager version 3.6 or earlier, verify the desktop and handheld software versions match. Contact your service provider to access the latest software version.
    Perform a hard reset on the handheld.


    COM Port is Unavailable
    The COM port is unavailable.

    Summary of Resolutions
    The following are possible resolutions for this problem. If none of the following resolve your problem, contact your service provider for information.

    Eliminate Port Conflicts
    To eliminate the possibility of port conflicts, disable the following:

    synchronization software used by other personal digital assistants (PDAs)
    ActiveSync (which monitors serial ports for a connected mobile device, making the port unavailable for other applications). To disable ActiveSync and free ports, ensure the Allow connection to this COM port check box is selected.
    anti-virus software
    fax software
    modem software
    infrared port in BIOS
    Confirm the Port Settings
    To confirm the port settings,

    From your desktop, right-click My Computer and select Properties.
    In the System Properties window, select the Hardware tab and click Device Manager.
    In the Device Manager window, expand the Ports menu tree.
    Double-click the port. The Port Properties window appears.
    Select the Port Settings tab and confirm the settings are as follows:
    Bits per second: 9600 | Data bits: 8 | Parity: 1 | Stop bits: 1 | Flow control: xon/xoff

    Reduce the Port Speed
    To reduce the port speed,

    Follow steps 1 to 4 for Resolution 2, above.
    On the Port Settings page in the Port Properties window, reduce the speed by selecting a slower speed from the Bits Per Second drop-down list.
    Reduce the Transmit and Receive Buffers
    To reduce the transmit and receive buffers,

    Open the Port Properties window. Follow steps 1 to 4 for Resolution 2, above.
    On the Port Settings page in the Port Properties window, click Advanced.
    In the Advanced Settings window, set the transmit and receive buffers to lower settings.
    Uninstall and Reload the COM Port
    To uninstall and reload the COM Port,

    In the Device Manager choose the expand the Port (COM & LPT).
    Right-click the port you wish to uninstall and select Uninstall.
    Note: Do not delete a COM Port in Windows NT. Contact your organization’s IT Department for assistance.

    Disable the WCESCOMM Process
    In the Task Manager, click the Process tab and disable the WCESCOMM.EXE process.

    Confirm There Are No Shared IRQs or IRQ Conflicts
    To confirm there are no interrupt request line (IRQ) conflicts or shared IRQs,

    Open the Port Properties window. See steps 1 to 3 for Resolution 2, above.
    Select the Resources tab.
    On the Resources page, any device conflicts appear in the Conflicting Device List.
    To change the IRQ settings,

    On the Resources tab, clear the Use Automatic Settings check box.
    In the Setting Based On drop-down list, select the hardware configuration you want to change.
    In the Resource Settings section, select Interrupt Request.
    Click Change Setting.
    In the Edit Interruption Request window, enter a new value for the resource type.
    Click OK.
    Click OK again to exit the Port Properties window.
    Enable the Port
    To enable the port,

    In the Device Manager, select the port.
    Right-click and select Properties from the menu.
    On the General page of the Port Properties window, select Use this Device (Enable) from the Device Usage drop-down list.
    Run the Desktop Manger in Windows 200 Compatibility Mode
    If you are running Windows XP, run Desktop Manager in Windows 2000 compatibility mode.


    Laptop Issues
    There is a problem communicating with the COM ports on your laptop.

    To eliminate issues communicating through laptop ports,

    Remove the laptop from the docking station or port replicator.
    Remove any PC cards from the laptop.
    If you cannot Detect your Handheld with an IBM ThinkPad 600 laptop

    The BIOS may not be up-to-date. Perform a BIOS update to resolve the issue. For more information, see IBM’s support web site. Or, see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles: 281965, 281995, 310560, 180129.

    If you cannot Detect your Handheld with a Sony PCG-XGP laptop

    Change the default COM port for the docking station from COM2 to COM1 in the CMOS. In the Device Manager, expand Ports to determine the COM port number.

    Warning: Modifying the computer registry can cause substantial damage to the Microsoft Windows operating system. Document and back up the existing registry entries prior to implementing any changes.

    To change the port number,

    Click Start > Run.
    Enter regedit and open HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Manager\Settings
    Right-click on Connection Settings select Modify and enter the port number you want to use.


    USB Issues
    There is a problem communicating through the USB port.

    To eliminate a USB connection problem,

    In the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, from the Option menu, select Connections.
    In the Connection Settings window, click Detect. Click OK when asked to verify the USB connection. A message appears telling you if your handheld was detected or not.
    If you are using a USB-to-serial converter, confirm it is compatible.
    Verify your desktop computer’s operating system is compatible with the converter


    COM Port Disabled in the BIOS
    The COM port is disabled in the BIOS.

    Enable the COM port in the BIOS and verify that a value of Auto or PnP is assigned to the COM port.


    Drivers Not Installed
    The COM port drivers are not installed.

    Contact your service provider for more information on installing the COM port drivers.


    Power Management
    Windows Power Management is enabled.

    Disable the Windows Power Management on the USB Root Hub in the Device Manager:

    In the Device Manager, expand Universal Serial Bus controllers.
    Right-click the USB Root Hub and select Properties.
    Click the Power Management tab and clear the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power option.
    Click OK.
    Repeat steps 1 through 4 for each USB Root Hub listed in the Device Manager.


    Here are additional items to check if the above resolutions fail to resolve the issue:

    Upgrade to BlackBerry Desktop Software version 2.1 Service Pack 3 or later.
    Change the port number by modifying the COM Port settings.
    Right-click on My Computer and go to Properties > Hardware > Device Manager > Port (COM & LPT). Double-click on the Communication Port you wish to adjust.
    From the Communications Port Properties window, choose the Port Settings tab > Advanced.
    In the Advanced Settings window, modify the COM Port number from the drop down list.
    Note: When renaming the COM port, do not choose a COM port number greater than 8.

    Restart your personal computer.
    If you are running Windows 98 or Windows XP and the above troubleshooting fails, try the following steps:

    On the Start menu, select Run.
    Type msconfig in the Open field, and click OK.
    When the system configuration utility opens, click the system.ini tab and click the + icon beside the 386Enh.
    Clear the option next to device=*enable.
    Click Apply and OK.
    Restart your personal computer.
    Once the computer restarts, detect the handheld using the desktop manager.
    To open the system configuration utility to use the Microsoft Configuration tool for cradle detection, perform the following steps:

    On the Start menu, select Run.
    Type msconfig in the Open field and click OK.
    Cancel all items listed in the Startup tab and click OK.
    Click Yes to restart your personal computer.

    Try these at your own risk!

    If it works.. let me know.

    Good luck.
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    Re: Help...Corrupt Software Driver

    You should be able to pull the driver from the disk that came with your device. XP will recognize a RIM device, but if the driver file is corrupt you should be able to over-ride it with the one that came with your BB.

    Does you 7730 work okay? What OS is your device running?

    HYDN you put my response to shame.

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    Re: Help...Corrupt Software Driver

    Reference this thread for more help. Ook may be able to supply the missing driver.

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    Re: Help...Corrupt Software Driver

    Thanks for the information but I still can't fix this issue with the driver. Does anyone know if there are there any independent service centers that specialize in fixing advanced blackberry device issues? Any in NY? Please provide contact info. I've taken this BB to the New York BlackBerry center and they could not help me either.

    I have many email addresses stored on the device and I was told that the only way to save the addresses to the SIM card is to do it manually one by one. Is there anyway around it?

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    Re: Help...Corrupt Software Driver

    Properties > Hardware > Device Manager > Port
    check if Rim Virtual serial p[ort is yellow and if so remove it and now connect your blackberry to USB, it must recognise your BB ,

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