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I bought my bb back in Vzla during my holidays. I went back to the ... General Blackberry forum

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    I bought my bb back in Vzla during my holidays. I went back to the UK and I didn't activate the bb rim because I had to get a contract to do so. Now I'm in Spain and I went in a contract yesterday and when I tried to activate the bb user I couldn't becuase it was supposedly associated with another account. I have wireless and the phone is unblocked, I can used it to make calls perfectly.
    I want to be able to use bb RIM but I don't know if its possible anymore. Is there a possiblity to like reset prior settings with other operators, and activate bb RIM here?

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    Not sure but I think you would need to contact your carrier and have them associate the bb to your account.

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    Unfortunately this is not an unusual issue when purchasing a pre-owned unit. If possible you need to try and contact the seller for help on this. The original owner needs to contact their carrier to release the PIN. If this is not possible you need to determine the original carrier and request help....

    Good Luck.
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