Need some advice: I have a few different pairs of descent headphones that I use with the BB and other devices (including some nice Bose noise canceling headsets). What I am looking for is the most discreet pair of earphones available. I was thinking of those Secret Service coil tube kind, but I think those are actually bulky even though clear. I just need something for work when I want to listen to music etc. For this purpose quality of sound isn't important and I have adapters to hook it up to BB/ipod/etc. Anybody know of any clear tube-clear earpiece-in the ear products? I even checked out spy shop online stores, but they are overkill.

I sit in front of a computer most of the day so I'm going to run it up the back of my shirt, but if I get pulled into a meeting i want to make sure I don't look like president Bush at the last debates with this huge bulge on my back.

Thanks Homies & Peace Out.