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this popping up on my screen, " Uncaught Exception application Instance " I had no ... General Blackberry forum

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    Has anyone heard of this error?


    this popping up on my screen, "Uncaught Exception application Instance" I had no data for 3 days, ( thought it was due to the nationwide outage) called Sprint and have been on the phone with BB TEchs for hours, they had me swipe the phone, rolled back to the 4.3 from 4.5 and then back again, changing all kinds of things and at one point lost the Internet Icon but it finally came back, but now I am still getting that error listed above and when I do get internet connection it will just drop and go back to my homescreen.
    Sprint support has put in a request for a replacement because they have done all they can at this point and says there is something wrong with the phone but the error message cannot be explained, so does anyone know what that is?

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    There is an app or theme that is causing the error. I am almost certain it has nothing to do with the device or OS.

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    Type ALT-LGLG and that should take you to the phone's Event Log. Use the menu key and clear the log, then close the log. Do a battery pull, and after it restarts and throws the error, check the log again. It might tell you which application is throwing the error.

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    Dude i'm going through the same thing. My troubles started 3 days ago, data dropping in and out and today no data whatsoever. I'm not in the US though so don't know how/if we can't help each other.
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