i would like to forum with other people who have a curve 8320 or 83xx and really want to mess with the operating system and settings.
we are gonna really mess around here. it is important if you want to contribute that you have a spare or backup blackberry mess with. if you have an exact match for your phone the better. it can be one with a bad esn (though i specifically mess with GSM) or bad screen or horrible body, but you should have a spare. i have 'bricked' phones over and over again. you need to be able to not worry about it. spare phones can be had for a pence used or ebay. i just picked up a spare for my 8320 for $20. i was using a 8310 for experimenting, now i have an almost exact (t-mobile/at&t)
yea, even though its the SAME model number the carriers do differnt things. at&t has no UMA.
so lets get to COD hopping, OS modding, hybrid splicing, escreen changing, soldering, cutting, erasing, loading, and nippin those darn error messages.
yes, we are gonna brick a phone or two in this topic. so stay out if ur scared. if you are ready to get started post something or yahoo me. if you maybe know more than me, PLEASE contact me. so far i cant simulate, hex out codes, or flash the OS from the command line. i would love the learn. ive also got a 8320 with what looks like a JVM hardware error i cant flash out. if you know anythign along those lines please throw down.