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I had my berry tetherd as a modem and it suddenly rebooted....and stayed after ... General Blackberry forum

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    Thumbs down Had a "fatal" error! any help is appreciated


    I had my berry tetherd as a modem and it suddenly rebooted....and stayed after it sat idle for 10 minutes I did a battery pull and let it go about its business but before it got back to the home screen it sayd "the device has suffered a fatal error" and went blank, the status light blinking red rapidly

    so I did another battery pull and it got to a white screen with a black and white stick hour glass spinning and the red light blinking quite quickly. Knowing this to be a rather serious problem I waited for about 20 minutes before taking action which was to do several battery pulls in a row which did nothing so I downloaded the 4.1 OS from verizons download site that I got to from and installed it. Then I hooked up the blackberry and started desktop manager, ran the app loader only to find that while it did try to connect, after waiting for 20 minutes nothing had happend.

    I did notice that the device was being seen by windows as it knew the pin and everything so what I did was I plugged in the bb and ran app loader and then at the last second pulled the battery and put it back in....success!

    The desktop manager connected to the JVM and reloaded the software. After a reboot I went back into DM and the app loader and loaded the rest of the software back, and now everything work. The only problem is the icon for bluetooth isnt on the desktop, my appointments are all gone and my address book is now blank....

    The appointments I can deal with being as I have them written down and although the bluetooth thing is annoying I can live without it but is there anyway to get my contacts back?

    Any help would be great! Thanks for anything


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    Re: Had a "fatal" error! any help is appreciated

    Have you synchronized it with your outlook ? If yes, just synchronize back.
    If not, did you backup lately? If yes, just reload the backup
    If not, I don'T see any other solution but someone else could maybe be better help
    I'm french canadian so I can also help you in french, just PM me
    UNLESS it is for a BETA OS, it's at your own risk and I won't support it

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